Ways & Means


  1. As a member of the Board Of Directors to attend year round Board meetings.
  2. Responsibilities:
    1. Devise ways to raise money: i.e., bus trips, money trees etc.
    2. Oversee all fundraising activities.
    3. Run raffles at the annual fund raisers including getting list(s) of items to be raffled from Door Prize Chairperson, setting up tables and selling chances.
    4. Purchase raffle tickets for fund raisers.
    5. Appoint Chairperson for each of the Annual Fund Raisers (Fashion Show and Card Party) and help them as needed.
    6. Arrange with Directory Chairperson for fund raiser tickets to be printed.
  3. Hints:
    1. We have used Harmony Charters, 1651 DeSoto Road, Satasota, Fl, 355-8451, for bus trips.
      They are very helpful and have clean and comfortable buses.
      We suggest some diversion(s) on the longer trips since they can be tiresome.
      On the way up perhaps a fast-food breakfast and some games such as Bingo and/or Trivial Pursuit.
    2. For the Fashion Show and Card Party request Chairperson set theme title as early as possible so the tickets can be printed.
    3. If you need any printing or office supplies, contact the Directory Chairperson.

Revised 2007

Club Mailing Address
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