Vice President

  1. Assume the duties of the President in her absence.
  2. Attend all Board and General Meetings.
  3. Serve as Chair of the Program Committee to develop programs for the year for October, December, January, March, April and May.
  4. Coordinate with Chairpersons for Charities, 50/50, and guests for special setup requirements (tables, sound equipment, staging and so on). Advise the Event Planner at PACC in a timely manner. Confirm at least a week ahead. Provide an easel for posting information to be displayed by the Treasurer, Historian, or program information.
  5. Coordinate the annual survey; distribute to membership and prepare a report for the Board on feedback.

Revised 2017

Club Mailing Address
PO Box 21051
Bradenton, FL 34204