1. In May, finalize the books for the year and work with the Auditor/Accountant to prepare a 990 form for the IRS.
  2. Confirm all information on is accurate and update with new Board members. Also confirm with Legal Zoom that all information is updated.
  3. Confirm names on bank account are correct - Current President and Current Treasurer.
  4. Prepare a report to present to the Board in June outlining how much money we will need to raise to meet our obligations to the State College of Florida, Manatee Technical College and our charities.
  5. Maintain an accurate ledger reflecting all expenses; income and the sources; dedicated gifts. Income should be recorded against monthly luncheons; events; special fund-raising efforts such as raffles; 50/50's; silent auctions, etc.

    A binder should be maintained as recommended by our auditor for his use in preparing a 990 at the end of the year. Copy records to a flash drive.

  6. Provide the Board with a monthly report on our financial status. Also make this report available for members to view at monthly luncheons.
  7. Pay the bills or reimburse members for purchases previously approved by the Board. Events at the PACC are paid at the conclusion of the event.
  8. Reconcile bank statement and check book monthly.
  9. Prepare financial reports for each fund raising activity as completed and other reports as requested by the Board or our auditor.
  10. Issue checks at the end of the year to our scholarship recipients - The State College of Florida and Manatee Technical College. Issue checks to selected charities. The Chair of the Scholarship Committee will advise on the correct verbiage for these as they go into specific accounts at the colleges.
  11. If leaving the position as Treasurer, arrange the transition at our bank to remove your name and access from the account; surrender debit card; confirm with the bank new President and confirm that she has access to the account.
  12. Pass all financial information to the incoming Treasurer.

Revised 2017

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