September 5, 2019


Is it real, is it a fantasy? Reality will take a back seat to the land of Virtual Reality in a special presentation by Morgan Woolverton, an expert in this exciting new field.

Mr. Woolverton will demonstrate how Virtual Reality (VR) makes it possible to experience anything, anytime, anywhere. It can convince the brain that the simulated environment is real. The head mounted displays are used with headphones and hand controllers to allow the user to suspend belief and accept the virtual place as a real environment.

This new environment may or may not mimic a real-world location. It may simulate an everyday setting or immerse us into a fantasy world of prehistoric dragons or send us to futuristic planets.

You may think VR is only for computer gamers, however, it is already being used in real life. Medical and engineering students are being trained with VR. They can explore and practice their skills on virtual sites. They will be able to see, feel and experience what they are learning. Younger students will be able to take virtual field trips, giving them an understanding of different worlds. The possibilities are endless.

Morgan Woolverton is the Virtual Reality Development and Game Art Interim Department Head at Ringling College. He is an artist and game developer with over 20 years of experience. He has worked on AAA console games and freelance illustration, as well as teaching college-level art courses. Most recently he was a game developer at Microsoft. In the last 11 years he has worked on numerous action, role-playing and adventure games. He held a key role on Shadow of Mordor which won Game of the Year at the 2015 Game Developers Conference awards.

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Exploring with virtual reality.

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Exploring with virtual reality.