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Membership Chairperson

  1. Provide information regarding Palm-Aire Women’s Club to prospective members, welcome new members, collect and record dues and keep membership records current.
  2. Prospective Members
    1. Provide information and applications as requested.
  3. New Members
    1. Welcome new member in person or by phone or email when request to join is received. Provide and collect completed application and dues. Provide copy of application to board.
    2. Complete/maintain the following records:
      1. Dues payment report(s) and send to Treasurer with payment(s),
      2. Membership Index card-Prepare and File in card file,
      3. Add new member to Full Membership spreadsheet,
      4. Provide New Member Information to Board and to Website, Directory and Reservations Chairs,
      5. Update Membership Numbers Report,
      6. Introduce new members at a luncheon and invite to New Member Table.
    3. Give new member a directory
  4. Dues
    1. Collect annual dues from all members.
    2. Send delinquent notices or call members as necessary to collect.
    3. Make sure dues are paid prior to issuing a directory.
    4. Complete/ maintain the following records:
      1. Note member index card in card file as paid,
      2. Note Full Membership spreadsheet as paid,
      3. Prepare Dues report(s) and send to Treasurer with payments.
  5. Resignations
    1. When received update records as follows:
      1. Add to Resignations spreadsheet,
      2. Note member index card and file in "resigned",
      3. Update Full Member spreadsheet,
      4. Send Information to Directory, Website and Reservations Chairs.
  6. Directory Changes and Corrections
    1. When received update records as follows:
      1. Correct member index card in card file,
      2. Correct information in Full Membership spreadsheet,
      3. Send information to Directory, Website and Reservations Chairs.
  7. Member Report for last board meeting of the year
    1. Prepare/Update the "Four-year Comparison" spreadsheet.
      Report to include: Number of Honorary Members; Number of New Members, Number of Resigned; Number of regular dues paying Members; and Total Members

Revised: October, 2020

Club Mailing Address
PO Box 21051
Bradenton, FL 34204